Who is NautilusFM for?

You’re a beginner, just starting out with FileMaker

Yes, NautilusFM is for you and, in fact, you may benefit most of all because the example file is simple enough that you can learn a lot of BEST practices, get familiar with the relationship graph (and especially the concept of context) as well as seeing different types of relationships. There are a number of useful scripts that you can dive into and learn from plus some very useful custom functions.

Using the example file, you’ll be able to start building a solution knowing that you’re on the right track.

Intermediate Developers

You get all the benefits that a beginner gets plus you’ll glean some advanced concepts and best practices.

Professional Developers

You already know pretty much everything that’s in NautilusFM but it might remind you of things that you’ve forgotten. Some of the custom functions might be new to you and some of the scripts will introduce techniques that you haven’t come across before.

In the ebook, you’ll find a chapter on Advanced Tips and Tricks, some of which are not all that advanced, but which not everybody will know. In any case, those will help you learn faster.

In the Example file, you’ll find some useful custom functions.

NautilusFM is being released to the community under an Open Source (BSD) License