Below are listed a few of the benefits of using NautilusFM.

One Screen

NautilusFM is a single screen solution in that users never leave that one screen. New windows are opened as card windows which remain open until they are finished with and then closed.

Large Screen Display

NautilusFM is sized to fit any modern monitor and or laptop (with the exception of 13″ ones) so that you can view the maximum amount of data at any one time without having to scroll horizontally or vertically.

Easy to Convert

It is a fairly simple and straightforward process to take an existing solution and convert it to NautilusFM.

Easy for Novice Developers

NautilusFM is easy to learn for beginner and intermediate developers. It uses best practices throughout and has some advanced techniques that will be incredibly easy to understand and utilize both within it and in other solutions you may be working on.

Consistent Across Every Solution

Using NautilusFM, and its custom theme, means that every solution developed with it will look and work the same.

(It has already been used for 8 completely different projects).

Always in Context

NautilusFM stays in context until the context is changed by selecting a different entity. This means that you can navigate to different records or record sets within an open card window but when the card window is closed, you are still exactly where you were when you opened that window.

Native FileMaker

NautilusFM uses native FileMaker functionality throughout and by that we mean that you don’t need to know any 3rd party languages to work with it.

(JSON, JavaScript and APIs can easily be incorporated by those who know those technologies).

No Finds Necessary

NautilusFM displays the records for each module in a filterable portal for easy searching. Simply click on the record you want to load it. (Effectively the relationship that drives the portal is acting as an automatic and instant find).

Easy for Users

NautilusFM is very intuitive and easy to use without having to read a user manual or be trained. In fact, it couldn’t really be simpler or more obvious.