The first video on this page is just a quick tour of the different modules within the NautilusFM Example file.

Remember that NautilusFM is a framework, a development methodology where everything happens on a single screen and where users cannot get lost or confused.

The principle behind NautilusFM is simple. If you never leave home, you can’t ever get lost!

The Example file is completely FREE and unlocked so you can see how it all works and can easily extend the built in functionality and use it a a Starter file for your own solutions, without paying any licensing fees.

It has released under an Open Source License called BSD which is the least restrictive open source license that we could find. I’ve done it this way so that FileMaker developers at all levels can use and learn from it.

The seond video, which you might find interesting, is a history of how the relationship graph has evolved from its introduction in FileMaker 7 in 2004 to today.