There are enormous numbers of organizations around the world that rely on FileMaker and many of those organizations have a team of FileMaker in-house developers, some of whom are absolute experts but they don’t always have the time to build every solution required. This means that, in many cases, there are individuals who end up developing their own solutions because they have a pressing need and the knowledge to fill it; in other words, they understand the nuances of what they are trying to build and have the basic skills to do so..

Not so long ago, I spent almost a year working for one such organization which had well over 130 different FileMaker solutions and every one of them looked completely different from the others. Some of them were hideous, some slightly less so; some were really good and some were, from a professional developers standpoint, absolutely awful, but the one thing they had in common was that they had been developed to fill a specific need.

Across the board there was absolutely no consistency because there were no standards to be followed which is very unusual because most organizations have standards that they must adhere to and thus, collectively, it was somewhat of a mess.

NautilusFM is the perfect answer to the problem. As a framework for development, it will provide a unified design across all solutions and is a standard method of development that everybody can easily learn and adopt as well as adapt existing solutions by simply implementing the framework as the front end to work already done.


every FileMaker solution in your business looking and working pretty much identically

every person developing solutions working off the same framework

everybody being on the same page, development wise

how much time would be saved by people not having to learn a new solution but only having to focus on the functionality not how it was designed.

All of this is possible with NautilusFM and with a minimum amount of disruption.

Workshops & Training

Following are details of the on-premise training programs that we provide for organizations, with the option to send your people to Las Vegas, Nevada. (If there is sufficient demand, we may offer a workshop either before or after the annual developer conference which in 2020 is in Nashville).

Training is offered at your location for groups of up to 10 people. Each person will either bring a current solution to re-work using the NautilusFM framework or build a new solution using the NautilusFM core that will be provided to every person in the class.

On the first morning, we’ll cover all the principles and methodologies behind NautilusFM and use examples to illustrate the processes. Then we go straight into practical work with each person getting one-on-one help with their solutions as well as learning best development practices where necessary This practical work will continue through the rest of the workshop.

Each attendee will, additionally and after the workshop ends, get 2 hours of help via video conferencing and screen sharing.

Workshops are 3 days or 5 days in length with 3 days being recommended for smaller groups of up to 6 people and the 5 day for larger groups to allow for maximum progress during the workshop.

Workshops will be held wherever there is a demand and not just within the continental US. For outside of the US, accommodation will be required for two days before and one day after.

Flights, accommodation and expenses are in addition to the workshop fees.

For organizations with only 1 or 2 people to be trained, we will also be offering 3 day workshops in Las Vegas, Nevada for a maximum of 6 people

Call Michael Rocharde at (303) 856 5778 or send an email to