NautilusFM Scripts

On this page are the key scripts that NautilusFM uses. Many of them are essential scripts for any FileMaker solution.

Portal Filter

This is one of the most useful scripts that you will ever come across

Set as Percentage

Add this as a scripttrigger OnObjectModify to every % field in your solutions. (It allows users to enter a whole number and hav that automatically converted to a percentage.


Allows you to quickly change privilege sets to test if what you are doing works for different levels.

Make sure you Grant Full Access Privileges to this script otherwise you are defeating its intention.


If you’re not doing this, you are putting all of your work and client data at risk.

Auto BackUp

Every 20 minutes works for me except when I am working on highly complex elements in which case I reduce it to 10 minutes and run the Backup script after every new section of code. This allows me to not worry about putting the program into a perpetual loop because i forgot something or got it wrong..

Better to be safe than sorry!


I only want the backup script running on one window so use this when creating a new window.

Card Windows

This script is used extensively within NautilusFM.

Examples below.


Opens a full size window that covers the entire NautilusFM Home page. The user is completely unaware that this is a Card Window

Opens a full  vertical width window that appears on the far right edge. In this example, the window is 500px wide so is thus 1350px from the left as the window with if 1850 pxs.