NautilusFM – What workshop participants are saying

The UI is revolutionary, particularly for the “average” user, while at the same time it “idiot-proofs” the application.

I do like it as a methodology on the relationship graph.  I will create my own layout design that works for my needs.

Thanks for your time and especially for your effort in explaining NautilusFM! It was very interesting and has risen my interest to explore this deeper

Now that I have a better understanding of NautilusFM, I would be more inclined to employ it as a development methodology. It is conceptually different than my normal method but fundamentally sound and easily understandable

Once principles understood, it’s simple while at the same time intelligent.

I am planning on converting my current projects to this methodology.

I can see myself using it for future developments but not to convert prior systems. As this would be too time-consuming and complicated, plus the client isn’t going to pay for it, that’s for sure.

My overall impression of NautilusFM is that it is a fundamentally sound approach. It is very easy to understand and it virtually eliminates the user getting lost in context. I can see a great benefit to using this method, especially for new to intermediate users. 

Beyond the obvious benefits of the 1 screen paradigm, it’s brilliant for situations that require drilling down, from related tables.

I find that it is easier to use than the Anchor Buoy method. To me it makes logical sense to set global fields (for anchor) and use them as necessary on the overall record.

I am more inclined to use the NautilusFM techniques now.

Most importantly to me, I can clearly see that NautilusFM would be a priceless tool to teach newbies how to understand and use ‘context’ within FileMaker. I wish I would have been exposed to this years ago. I’ve wasted countless hours chasing problems that were a result of not fully understanding context. And, as all of us know, Context Is King. That cannot be emphasized enough as far as I’m concerned.