Find/Add Lawyer Screen

In order to avoid entering the same person twice, you are required to search for somebody before you can add them to the system.  To do so, you type at least 2 letters into the search box shown below.  This searches on the Last Name. Doing so will show any matches and, if the one you are looking for does not exist, you can then add the new person immediately.

When you press the Assign to current button, the program will ask you to confirm only if that person is already associated with another law firm.

Make changes to key information if necessary by clicking into those fields.

You can also add a lawyer directly to the Lawyers panel, but, once again you must search to make sure that the lawyer is not already in the system.  After typing 3 letters in the filter field, that option will appear.  Howver if you have a lot of matches, type one or more additional letters so that you can clearly see if the lawyer you are looking for is in the system.